A revision of the genus Sclerosperma (Arecaceae)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2008
Authors:J. van Valkenburg, Sunderland, T., Couvreur, T. L. P.
Journal:Kew BulletinKew Bulletin
ISBN Number:0075-5974
Keywords:Life Sciences

A taxonomic revision of the palm genus Sclerosperma (Arecaceae) is presented. Three species are recognised: S. mannii H. Wendl., which is relatively widespread from Liberia to the Democratic Republic of Congo; S. walkeri A. Chev., which is apparently confined to the interior of Gabon and a band along the Congo River; and S. profiziana, a new species previously considered conspecific to S. mannii that is found in southwest Ghana, Congo, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola. The taxonomic history, morphology, distribution and conservation status of the genus and each species are discussed.

Short Title:Kew Bull
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